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Voice & Lines

Discounted voice and line rental backed by BT

Voice telephony is available in many different forms. From traditional voice based services to digital and IP voice solutions; there are many choices for business telephone systems. Hi-Tech is a telecom supplier of line and voice calls using the latest developments in both telephony and IT technology. We can combine all our services together to offer a 'one bill' solution for extra customer efficiency. Unlike other telephony suppliers, Hi Tech's experience in managing voice and line services allows us to offer a fully automated solution. From ordering, progress and account management to fault resolution; we cover it all. Hi-Tech purchase high volumes from BT in order to achieve low cost telephone lines for our customers. Our partners therefore benefit from BT quality and a BT SLA backed by the BT engineering force whilst also benefitting from less cost and a more personal and effective service from Hi-Tech. By offering only the highest quality of services, your calls are fast, clear and trouble free. We understand how important it is for you to communicate.



Super fast Business Grade Broadband

ADSL2+ (Asymmetric digital subscriber line 2+) is the latest generation of broadband. It offers a better and faster service than the existing ADSL offering. ADSL2+ uses more advanced equipment than exisiting ADSL type services. SurfWise's network is able to connect to thousands of ADSL2+ exchanges to offer you the best performance and price. The advantages of ADSL2+ is that you can now offer your customers faster broadband speeds for downloading files more quickly and streaming higher quality movies and music. Increased speeds can be up to 24Mbit/s downstream and up to 3.5Mbit/s upstream. These speeds are dependent on the distance from the DSLAM to the end user’s building.

Hi-Tech’s ADSL2+ offers:

  • Bulk transfers from existing IPSs
  • White labelled opportunities
  • Full provisioning
  • Effective fault management
  • Multiple carriers
  • Opportunities your own realm



Get the best of both

IP VPN (IP-enabled Virtual Private Network) converges voice, video and data networks. It offers a wide range of benefits that includes both security and cost savings. Hi-Tech’s VPN provides a secure, reliable and cost efficient way to connect offices and remote workers. It is a fully managed private network that provides businesses with a secure platform to share applications and information between sites.

Why should my customers use IP VPNs?

  • Security – Traffic does not pass through the public Internet.
  • Reliability – Hi-Tech provides network resilience with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Performance – Efficiently prioritises, real-time, mission critical applications such as voice.
  • Scalability – Can easily and quickly introduce new sites, remote workers and new applications.
  • Network Convergence – Reduce management and network costs by consolidating end user applications onto a single network.
  • Controlled internet breakout – immediately updates new firewall policy to all sites


Business and Residential Broadband

World class broadband for mission critical requirements

Broadband Internet Access, aka broadband, allows for high speed Internet access. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a type of broadband. ADSL uses telephone lines but on a different frequency so it can be used at the same time as the telephone. Hi-Tech offer a comprehensive range of business and home broadband solutions to suit all your customer requirements. Powered by a world-class network infrastructure and supported by unrivalled customer service and technical support, O-bit broadband is a fantastic solution for your broadband requirements. We supply two option of white label business quality ADSL to resellers.


Non Geographic Numbers

Present your business in a professional and corporate manner

NGN (Non Geographic Numbers) offer different opportunities for companies of all sizes. They create the impression of an organisation with no geographic limits and can also generate revenue for the company.

The list below shows the different possibilities Hi-Tech numbers can give

  • 0800 for Freephone Numbers
  • 0808 for Freephone Numbers
  • 0844 for Flexible Call Rates
  • 0845 for Local Rate Numbers
  • 0870 for National Rate Numbers
  • 0871 for Flexible call Rates
  • 09 for Premium Rate Numbers
  • 020718 for a local presence
  • 01 for all local area codes

Ofcom have recently changed some NGN tariffs. 0870 no longer have a revenue share facility. O-bit have many other tariff supported NGNs so call our Support Team ASAP.



"Say what we do and do what we say"

Hi-Tech Group supplies, installs and maintains NEW and RECONDITIONED telephone systems from Panasonic, NEC, BT and Samsung. We also supply Voicemail Systems, Handsets, Headsets, Call management, Call recording and Music on Hold systems. We specialise in the installation of data networks and converged systems and VoIP systems. For all your telephone needs call us on 0330 300 1011 0r e-mail us and we will find a tailored solution for your needs.