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 Surfwise M Broadband

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Surfwise M Broadband

Increased Upstream Speeds For Faster Data Transmission.

Annex M extends the capability of ADSL2+ by increasing the number of upstream bits. The downstream speeds can be up to 16Mb and up to 2.5Mb upstream*. This increase in upstream is achieved by altering the upstream/downstream frequency split allowing upstream bandwidth to be increased from 1Mb to 2.5Mb, with a corresponding decrease in download bandwidth.

Historically, increased upstream speeds have been out of reach for many businesses. The costs were prohibitive for many as the only available options were expensive SDSL or leased line circuits. Now with Surfwise M the possibility of higher upstream speeds is a reality for all SMEs as well as larger corporates.

Surfwise Annex M is competitively priced services that have good business coverage and very importantly are future proof. They are an ideal option for businesses wishing to upload and download large files at similar speeds.

What can Surfwise M do for you?

The increase in upstream data rates enables us to offer market differentiating services. We can now offer up to 30 simultaneous calls or multiple applications and real time applications on a Surfwise M connection.

Surfwise Annex M products offer...

  • Network resilience
  • SLA of 99.9%
  • A business focused product
  • A fast and reliable service
  • A service run over an uncontended core network
  • Enhanced upload speeds
  • Rate adaptive technology
  • Typical applications of: VOIP,
  • Terminal Server, Citrix, Web, FTP and Email Servers

For more information on Surfwise Broadband M please call a member of our Sales Team on 0330 300 1011.

* Maximum speeds are subject to various factors including local availability, distance from the exchange and line test. If the line will not support up to 16Mb we will offer the best speed available on the line. Non business traffic may be restricted within business hours in order to protect legitimate business traffic. More specifically we may restrict peer to peer and news group traffic from 8am to 6pm. Requires an analogue line before broadband order or installation.



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