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 Surfwise Fibre

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Surfwise FTTC

Fibre Broadband for Super Fast Connectivity

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is the latest technology in hi-speed data services and makes use of fibre connections to street cabinets that act as mini exchanges. The connection between the street cabinet and customer premises is copper as with ADSL connection but as copper performs well over short distances there is now the potential to reach up to 40Mbps download speeds.

Hi-Tech offers Fibre Broadband under the Surfwise brand and delivers to the premises over a standard telephone line using a DSL technology(VDSL). Unlike broadband provisioned over ADSL it utilises special equipment installed in new street cabinets which are connected back to the local telephone exchange using high speed fibre optic cables. The benefit of fibre is speed and the shorter the distance the signal travels, the faster the service.

Why choose Surfwise?

Hi-Techt’s fibre offering is extremely competitively priced allowing our resellers to profitably enter into the fibre broadband market. Plus our guaranteed throughput gives our customers peace of mind that our service offering is fast at all times. Hi-Tech ’s years of experience in the broadband industry and our core network means that our products are secure and dependable 24/7.

With Surfwise FTTC you get:

  • Resilient network with a 99.99% uptime
  • All service and support is UK based
  • All support calls are through a free phone number
  • FTTC from the broadband experts
  • White labelled opportunities
  • Full provisioning
  • Business Grade DSL
  • Effective fault managemen
  • End to end solutions
  • 24/7 support
  • Very competitive rates
  • Fully managed billing and collections
  • 1 Static IP as standard
Prduct name

Guaranteed Throughput

Monthly Bandwidth


Monthly Bandwidth


Down Stream

Up Stream

Fibre Resi 8Mb 100Gb Unlimited Up To 40Mb

Up To   2Mb

12 Month
Fibre 12Mb 100Gb Unlimited Up To 40Mb Up To 10Mb 12 Month
Fibre Pro 12Mb 500Gb Unlimited Up To 40Mb

Up To 10Mb

12 Month
Fibre Unlimited 12Mb Unlimited Unlimited Up To 40Mb Up To 10Mb 12 Month

Please note maximum speeds are subject to various factors including local availability, distance from the exchange and line test. If the line will not
support the maximum speed stated, we will offer the best speed available on the line. Non business traffic may be restricted within business hours
in order to protect legitimate business traffic. More specifically we may restrict peer to peer and news group traffic from 8am to 6pm. Requires an
analogue line before broadband order or installation.

Features and Benefits of Surfwise FTTC:

  • Speed – Up to 40Mb downstream and a choice of 2Mb or 10Mb upstream making it the most powerful DSL product available on existing infrastructures
  • Guaranteed throughput – 8Mb or 12Mb guaranteed throughput ensures high level performance even during busy periods
  • Increase productivity – Fibre Broadband gives businesses the power to run real time applications over a DSL technology
  • Easy to switch – Re-grade from existing Surfwise products or other DSL providers quickly and efficiently
  • Regular Order confirmations - Updates every stage of the order process including order acceptance, delivery date confirmation, installation, missed appointment and order completion
  • Flexibility – The ability to choose service profiles for stability and throughput

For more information please call a member of our sales team free on 0330 300 1011.



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